Born and works in Seoul, South Korea.

Made a name for herself she has, literally; while on a trip to India in 2000 she adopted the name “Hasisi” and the name stuck. Nowadays it is almost impossible to look at an art or fashion magazine without coming across her name or her colorful trademark style. Recently returning from a shoot for Vogue Girl magazine in Hawaii, she commented “I find inspiration in basic things; smells, sounds, things half seen in dreams.”

Whether photographing K-Pop band f(x), B1A4 or shooting fashion films, you can see her inspiration in the way she illuminates her subjects in thick colors and casts them in a gentle haze. Her subjects almost seem to speak, as if from a dream and while she investigates her senses and dreams with her photography, one thing is no longer a dream; she has achieved her goal of being a world-class photographer, and just as she remembers her past, she sees her future behind the camera.

Solo Show
2013. Gallery Factory (Korea)
2009. Casual Poet (Singapore)

2013. Casual Pieces 1. (Korea)
2010. 0_100 (Italy)
2010. Pogo Books (Germany)
2009. SSE Project (Korea)


Eloquence magazine, no 8, 2013
Eloquence magazine, no 8, 2013